Thalia’s Umbrella—American Premiere, March 2022

An anthem for a small, unnamed country, sung by drunk patriots in a bar.


“The Tannoy plays a short, irritating tune,” says the script; this is mine.


Our Town

Perseverance Theatre—2018

The classic play needed all original music. Here are the two main themes played beautifully by multitalented Juneau pianist Rob Cohen. I also wrote two original hymns for the production, and I hope to post those shortly if I can get the production recordings.


“Our Town” Waltz


Emily’s Waltz

The Impossibility of Now

Thalia’s Umbrella—2018

Y York’s wonderful play inspired this main theme for the fun combination of two small glockenspiels and accordion! Accordion: Mark Lutwak; Glockenspiels: Lucy Peckham and Michael Sakarias


Our Friends, the Enemy

Cyrano’s Theatre Company—2017

My arrangement of “O Tannenbaum” for violin and cello, recorded in my studio by violinist Nate Berry and cellist Jon Genziano. Through the magic of digital audio manipulation, it sounds like a 78 recording.


To Kill a Mockingbird

Perseverance Theatre—2017

There is a wealth of source material from the Smithsonian’s Lomax recording collection. Four amazing singers led by Shirley M. Springer Staten gave their time in my studio, and we recorded three songs anew… This is “The Sun Don’t Ever Go Down…”


And the same song played by Anchorage old-time banjo master Brian DeMarcus, from a very different southern tradition.


When Love Speaks

Thalia’s Umbrella—2017

I can’t really take credit for this. I gave some interpretive direction to the marvelous Anchorage jazz pianist Dan McElrath, on Cole Porter’s beautiful song “Why Shouldn’t I…,” and he nailed it, giving exactly the sweetly flirtatious feel I wanted!


In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play

Perseverance Theatre—2016

The main musical theme of the play is a short melody written for a character to improvise on the doctor’s piano after she has received her first treatment. Halting, sweet, and unpredictable when she first plays…


…it becomes a song, then an anthem of joy to end Act I…


…and finally a fantasy transition of fulfillment and enlightment at the end of the play.


My wonderful pianists are Mischa Shimek, Rob Cohen, and my computer.


Perseverance Theatre—2015

Original music written for “Annapurna.” I am fortunate to know two excellent Dobro players with very different styles—Peter Dunlap-Shohl, who here plays the sweet double-stop version of the melody on a very bluesy-sounding old metal-body resonator, and Randy Pasley, who plays the melody lyrically on his more bluegrass-y wood body.



Perseverance Theatre—2015

Here are samples of the original compositions from my design for “Othello,” August–October 2015: the Othello main theme, played on synth by Yngvil vatn Guttu.


Desdemona’s “Willow” song, here played by Yngvil vatn Guttu on a harmonic flute.


A Lesson from Aloes

Thalia’s Umbrella—2014

Original music written for “A Lesson from Aloes;” Betsy Sims plays marimba, and I play cello.



Perseverance Theatre—2013

“Timeless,” by John Abercrombie, arranged by Lucy Peckham. Monica Lettner, voice; Joe Eunice, bass; Brandon Cockburn, drums.

“Roots,” by Ian Carr, arranged by Lucy Peckham. Monica Lettner, voice; Joe Eunice, bass; Brandon Cockburn, drums.

The Blue Bear

Perseverance Theatre—2012


“The Blue Bear Main Theme” by Lucy Peckham   Mischa Shimek, guitar

“The Tripod Waltz” by Lucy Peckham   Mischa Shimek, guitar

Percussionist Corliss Kimmel is featured in this montage I created from tension effects used throughout The Blue Bear. I produced and recorded all the percussion.


Perseverance Theatre—2011

Ethan Barske, Piano. Arrangement by Lucy Peckham.

Ethan Barske, Piano. Arrangement by Lucy Peckham.