Both Ears Live Sound records, collects, and produces custom sound effects (especially of Alaska sounds) for sale through

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These audio clips are 16/256 MP3s for the purpose of perusal; recordings are usually 24/96 WAV files, so higher-quality SFX are available for purchase.

Work train (ORTF) recording

Creaky door hinge

Raven quartet singing (shortened)

Pebbles and waves at Rialto Beach (shortened)


field recording

Both Ears traveled aboard the MV Tustumena in late August 2018, to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska and back, collecting oral-history recordings from retired and current Alaska Marine Highway employees and residents of Southwest Alaska who have stories to share along the way in each port and on board.
You can learn about the project at the MV Tustumena Oral History Project website.

recording the sounds of the MV Tustumena—August 2018