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These audio clips are 16/256 MP3s for the purpose of perusal; recordings are usually 24/96 WAV files, so higher quality SFX are available for purchase.


In sound effects, it is not what the effect is that is important, but what it sounds like.

“Sitting quietly in the forest, listening first, then listening through headphones to what a sensitive directional microphone can hear, brings me the forest in aural microcosm. Standing on the deck of an Alaska Marine Ferry, recording the ship’s master, her captain, ringing 8 bells, I learned it can either mean the end of a crew’s shift or toll a loss of life. Recording an antique car’s motor, the sound of a Tesla coil’s lightning striking a Faraday cage, or the roar of the blast furnace at a foundry…each sound, captured or created, is a unique moment in time.”

—  Lucy


“The world is full of fascinating sounds, from the human noises of cities to the quiet sounds of the natural world. Just as photographers attempt to show you what you’ve overlooked about the world around you, a recordist will capture sounds often unnoticed and unheard.
“When designing sound for a play or video production, the sound effects are part of the story, enhancing the words and visuals, making them real.”

—  Mike

the sound of a creaking door hinge
as seen in Adobe’s Audition software

recording fascinating beach sounds

Recording the sounds of the MV Tustumena—August 2018

building a sound cue