leading stage crew training at
Anchorage Folk Festival

setting the stage for Marley’s Ghost at Centrum

Teaming up with Frostline Studios for hybrid live-stream and live-audience program

The world premiere of “Arjuna’s Dilemma” was staged in Kathmandu.

The Super Saturated Sugar Strings recorded a 12-minute showcase video in Both Ears Live Sound Studio on 8 October 2021.

The Climbing Project, started by Karrie Pavish Anderson, brings together musicians in Alaska and from across the world. This collaborative video was created in October 2020 to inspire resilience and hope through the performance of Anderson’s song “Climbing.” Check it out, and please share it!



When the performer gets what they want from the house sound, from their monitors, and from backstage support, they give their best performance.

This is what Both Ears delivers.

With Both Ears Live Sound you get professional treatment and equipment, a relaxed, supportive environment, a sound engineer who listens…and who listens to what you want. It’s a collaboration.


Both Ears Artist Roster

What we do is best exemplified by a list of the bands and individuals with whom we’ve worked. In no particular order, here are a few:








The above listed acts are all national or touring bands, but some of my most rewarding experiences are with local bands and individuals.

In No Particular Order!

  • High Lonesome Sound
  • Hot Club of Nunaka
  • The Super-Saturated Sugar Strings
  • Red Elk
  • Rory Stitt
  • Irene Muller
  • Kray Van Kirk
  • Rick Miller
  • Robin Hopper
  • Lou Nathanson
  • Fat Weasel
  • Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford

  • Jubilee
  • The Anna Lynch Trio
  • The John Cook Trio
  • Tanana Rafters
  • Cold Country
  • Mary Schallert
  • Flat Baroque