The Rasmuson Individual Artist Award

Lucy Peckham, Sound Designer

“Bringing It Home”

Project Grant Report #4 - Summary Report

June 2019

and now the reckoning

Attend the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA) Annual Meeting in NYC to meet and talk with my professional compatriots, to hear what’s going on in the larger world of theatre sound.

Accomplished: And there I found my Ableton mentor (see Goal #2), sound designer/composer/professional DJ Mikhail (Misha) Fiksel. See Rasmuson Report #1.

Find a mentor in the use of a computer program called Ableton Live as a sound design medium integrated with QLab, a cue-triggering program in wide use.

Accomplished: In November, I spent five days with Misha studying Ableton Live, and I was able to use the program immediately to create cues in QLab for the Perseverance Theatre world premiere production of Franklin. I need more training, and fellow Rasmuson recipient Rick Zelinsky has offered to guide me further. See Rasmuson Report #2.

Find a mentor who is a Broadway, Off-Broadway, or major League of Resident Theatres (LORT) theatre front-of-house (FOH) Mixer, to shadow and observe at work, see how a major musical is set up on a “big” FOH mixer, and to be introduced to the major networking systems for immersive sound programming, Dante and D-Mitri.

Partially accomplished. Details in the latter part of this report.

Attend the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) Conference next March, 2019, to see all the equipment on display and to attend all the sound workshops.

Accomplished. Details in the latter part of this report.

Bring trainers from Figure 53, the creators of Qlab, to Anchorage for an intensive three-day training program in all aspects of Qlab. It will be made available to all interested technical theatre folk in Alaska, whether or not they are “professionals,” with the goal of raising the skill and commensurately the artistic capabilities of technical theatre all over the state.

Accomplished: Twenty four students—representing Ketchikan, Juneau, Valdez, Kodiak, Homer, Anchorage, the Mat-Su, and Seattle—from Perseverance Theatre, Cyrano’s Theatre Company, Anchorage Community Theatre, University of Alaska Anchorage’s Theatre Department, First City Players, Glenn Massey Theater, Toss Pot Productions, Blue Chair Productions, TBA Theatre, Kodiak High School, Valdez Civic Center, IATSE Local #918, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, and the Alaska Independent Musicians Initiative (AKIMI), attended the three-day class! See Rasmuson Report #3.

There was a sixth, “silent” goal as well, and that was to see as much professional theatre as I possibly could during my grant year. Here is a list of the twenty-five productions I attended during my grant year.

  • Mikhail Fiksel for Witch at the Writers Theatre of Glencoe
  • John Zalewski for Destiny of Desire at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • so…what happened in Q4?


    Getting first-hand instruction at the QLab class in Anchorage · February 2019


    Lucy Peckham