Bennett Hilsgen    


As a sound engineer, I find myself enjoying all kinds of music. Every genre has good music, otherwise it probably wouldn’t be a genre. Of course, I have a soft spot for classic rock, disco music, and a guilty-pleasure side that loves pop.

Admittedly though my interest in music started with hip hop. At a young age I found myself constantly impressed with the lyrical capabilities of 90s and early 2000s rap artists while entranced by how such a simple and repetitive beat structure could evoke all kinds of emotion. It started with mainstream (radio) music and slowly progressed to the underground of rap.

After building my first “real” car audio system, I moved on to listening to more electronic music. Having a subwoofer makes a big difference for that kind of thing.

After finishing recording school, meeting Lucy (Queen of the Natural), and becoming acquainted with the Alaska music scene, I have quickly grown to love bluegrass for its raw, hippy dancing style. Jazz is also a newfound delight, although currently I prefer listening to it live rather than recorded; there’s something about that energy….

No matter what I mix I tend to try and bring my hip hop roots to the sound (tastefully, of course). I enjoy the kick drum thumpin’, the vocals up front, and the melody should surround me. Oh, and harmonies make everything sound better.

listening crowd at the Hope Hoedown